Social Principles

General rules

Working conditions

All work shall be voluntary and employees shall not be obliged to perform forced labour.

free access to employment

  • all work must be voluntary
  • employees are free to resign
  • employees shall not be required to provide money or deposit as a condition of employment
  • shall be no restrictions of staff within the establishment (except for entry exit)
  • written terms and conditions shall be provided to employees with applicable law


working time

  • rest periods for employees
  • working hours must comply with national legislation
  • required leave and absence should be provided to workers
  • consent to overtime is required


wages and benefits

  • competitive wages shall be provided
  • earnings must reach the legal minimum wage


fair and equitable treatment

  • discrimination must not be tolerated
  • equal recruitment and employment opportunities must be ensured
  • decisions shall be made objectively on the basis of the merits of the worker


occupational safety

  • safe and ergonomic working environment should be provided
  • suitable and protective clothing equipment should be provided in case of a risk
  • safety trainings must be held and registered


freedom of association

  • the opportunity of free communication shall be given to workers
  • the right of association must be respected
  • free right to workers to join a trade union / organisation
  • right of collective bargaining must be respected

Child labour

Employees under the age of 18 must not perform any work that could endanger their health and safety.


prohibition of child labour and underage workers

  • minors may only be employed under strict conditions
  • underage workers may not perform tasks that are dangerous to their health or well being

Environmental protection

environmental permits and reporting

  • applications and registrations required by environmental laws shall be submitted and obtained. All these elements must be maintained, updated and reporting requirements must be met


resource use and waste minimisation

  • preventing pollution and reducing the generation of waste


wastewater and solid wastes

  • wastewater and solid waste must be classified and controlled as necessary
  • waste disposal should be outsourced to a specialised company
  • Disposal wastewater and solid waste from industrial processes shall be classified, monitored and controlled as necessary


Restrictions on substances

  • suppliers must comply with laws and regulations banning or restricting certain substances


Environmental management

  • responsible persons should be appointed to deal with environmental issues